One Small Step

Flash fiction inspired by the first Moon Walk
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  • Anthology of 17 flash fiction stories inspired by the first Moon Walk in 1969
  • A6 sized 16pp chapbook
  • Limited edition – once it sells out it won’t be reprinted
  • Published by Sampson Low and packaged by the Museum fo Walking
  • ISBN 978-1-912960-27-9
  • Despatched from the UK
  • €4.50 +p&p

On the 20th July 1969 Neil Armstrong, one of the three members of the Apollo 11 crew, uttered those famous words as he was the first human being to step and then walk on the Moon.  A global televised event, the first Moon Walk not only evokes nostalgia for an as yet unrealised future for the Space Age, but also a discomfort around the language of colonisation and conquest, inspiring the Museum of Walking to run the One Small Step Creative Writing Walkshop, held on the 20th July 2019 and to hold the One Small Step Writing Competition.  The competition set the task of writing stories of 50 words or under. This anthology contains the winning stories.

We are delighted to announce the publication of One Small Step, a limited edition chapbook, published by Sampson Low Publishers.

One Small Step includes the 17 winning stories from Andrew Anderson, Laura Besley, Ned Carter Miles, Mel Davies, Phobe Demeger, Gordon Duncan, Carrie Dunne, Jason Jawando, Kate Kirby, Andy Lavender, Roz Mascall, Nora Nadjarian, Helen Ottaway, Sylvia Petter, Bart van Goethem and Diane Woodrow.  The competition was judged by NG Bristow (screenwriter, director and visual artist running the MA in Directing Fiction at Goldsmith’s.Univertity of London), Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone (author, editor and tutor on the Novel Studio at City, University of London) and Andrew Stuck (Founding Director of the Museum of Walking).  Illustrated by Alban Low.

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