Brooklyn Waterfront Listening Walk

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Brooklyn, NY, USA

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2021-09-26 21:00
21:00 UTC

Join me for a free listening walk in Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Bridge Park!

The worldwide COVID shutdowns of the last year spurred new interest in the urban soundscape. As the background noise of transportation subsided, many noticed the smaller sounds that were there all along. The planes may have resumed, but I hope we can hold on to the practice of listening to the city with open ears.

During this listening walk we will attend to the actual vibrations of the city, descending through layers of sound, stories, and history from the windy precipice of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade to the murky depths of the East River. With contact microphones and hydrophones we will discover the hidden vibrations of objects and reveal underwater sound worlds. Like a doctor’s stethoscope, these tools of auscultation “take the pulse” of the city, revealing connections that are only available through augmented, dislocated ears.



I use listening to explore the web of connections that challenge and sustain us. Sound bends around obstacles and leaks through borders, complicating visual binaries like interior & exterior. I build “expanded” field recording devices to listen to ...

Near Brooklyn, NY, USA

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