Conversations about Decoding Nature

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2021-09-09 18:00
18:00 UTC
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In 2020, artist Zorica Kelly Markovich was the CFAT x Nocturne Summer Artist-in-Residence in Halifax, Canada, and created a project that responded to echolocation by relying on the sense of hearing and the action of deep listening.

Signal / Return is an immersive sound art piece that uses sound ecology to examine acoustic relationships between living organisms – human and non-human – and their connections with the environment. In this piece, audio recordings of bat communication and echolocation are used to create a multichannel, spatial audio experience.

For this project, the artist sourced bat calls from the feeding ecosystems and roosts around the Atlantic Provinces. Deep listening requires a conscious choice to slow down, and since bats can be elusive, this was a necessary part of her process and contributed to the final composition of the work. Bats are communicative mammals with a wide range of vocalizations, this multichannel, immersive soundscape consists of 7 species of bats and over 24 different vocalizations.

Zorica invites listeners to close their eyes to connect with the sounds on a deeper level. While engaging with Signal / Return, the artist asks individuals to discern the possibility of interspecies symbiosis within a shared landscape.

Please join Zorica in a conversation about her process and the inspiration behind this project and her walk created for Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery called Decoding Nature: Sense Impressions and the Biophony.

Zorica Kelly Markovich

Zorica Kelly Markovich is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice is driven by curiosity. Her process is one that considers networks, memory, and shared collective experience in relation to loss, permanence, presence, and absence, while drawing referenc...

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