Emotional Geographies

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Carrer del Dr. Joan Mercader, 1, 08700 Igualada, Barcelona, Spain

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2019-09-07 12:00
12:00 UTC


Igualada is the capital of Anoia county. The Rec of Igualada is one of the most important industrial neighborhoods in Catalonia. During the last decades, the decline of the textile and leather industries have left an incredibly valuable heritage partially abandoned. Engaged citizens have fought for its protection by raising awareness of its value, organizing festivals* and other cultural initiatives. The current challenges demand for new strategies to open a new episode to the life of the neighborhood.

EGT , Emotional Geographies Tour, aims to generate a spatial-physical and immediate experience that enhances not only the awareness of one’s own body, but also of the environment. It explores the notion of embodiment, based on the interrelationship between the body and space by applying different methodologies and ways of doing research with, through and within the body and the senses. EGT applies different bodily techniques and performative approaches by activating a variety of communication processes that enable the participant to engage socially and locally in order to construct collectively new lived experiences in the Rec.

In this tour we’ll explore the Rec neighbourhood, a cultural landscape for Igualada through walking and movement of our body through urban spaces.

We’ll explore the embodiment, the specificity of the place and the performativity through body and sensory practices.

We’ll walk and follow certain itineraries to create small narrative choreographies and instant creations at specific sites from the Rec landscape.

(*)Rec.0 Experimental Stores was founded in November 2009 by a group of six people determined to tell as many people about the Rec district as possible and link it to the creativity of the fashion. Rec.0 is not just fashion, it’s also food and culture. Rec Street Food is a real food festival, with 32 food trucks and Rec Music Festival offers more than 20 concerts in two scenarios.Cultural activities are held in different spaces on the circuit: concerts, poetry readings, exhibitions, screenings.. Old storages, tanneries and ancient factories are reconverted and transformed into fashion Pop-Up stores where a wide variety of brands of any kind can exhibit its products in a different way. After the festival takes place the neighbourhood returns to normal and tanneries are reopened again.


Zoe Balasch: Dancer/Performer/Pschycologist.She has worked in more than 30 productions, as a choreographer or in collaboration with other artists and companies, showing her work at theatres, art galeries, festivals and in the public space and unconventional spaces. Her recent works are related to body and landscape ( rural, urban, cultural…).http:// http://www.zoebalasch.com//

Duration: 2h
Weblink: https://www.facebook.com/events/723184458142101/?active_tab=about

Start point: Museu de la Pell /Museum of the leather https://goo.gl/maps/me8YWefft2mTW9Cp7

Date: Saturday 7th September Time:12pm

Possible repeat workshops: 18th January 2020//9th May 2020

Previous level: no requisites to participate, open to everyone interested to explore / to train the relationship within the body, and urban environment.

Certain groups: adults
Contact info for the public to register: [email protected]

Whatsap: 658316299 //Facebook: Zoe Balasch

Zoe Balasch

Zoe Balasch's research and creation projects include solo, collaborative and group pieces. She is specially interested in site-specific, either indoors or outdoors, in both rural and urban environments. Her proposals adopt different formats: choreographies...

Near Carrer del Dr. Joan Mercader, 1, 08700 Igualada, Barcelona, Spain

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