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2021-09-28 18:00
18:00 UTC
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Cona and walk · listen · create present Sound Walk City · prelude, a festival of sound walks, performances and sound works, coinciding with Sound Walk September 2021.

By addressing the propaganda of progress, consumption and self-referentiality, Slovenian dramaturge, publicist and producer Jasmina Založnik will engage in a conversation about the performativity of walking in the context of art. More precisely, she is interested in a sound walk as a form that evades spectacularity of art products, the established difference and playing with the unpredictable and random, the slowing down of our daily rhythm, experientiality, embodiment, the relation between the external and internal and, finally, transposition from a monological to dialogical form as a possible platform of inclusivity and ethics.

A Walk Listen Café live from Sound Walk City prelude in Ljubljana – in the frame of Sound Walk September 2021. Moderated by Geert Vermeire

Jasmina Založnik

Jasmina Založnik

Jasmina Založnik is a dramaturge, publicist and producer primarily engaged in the field of contemporary dance. Over the last years, she has focused on recent histories of contemporary performing art and choreography, and their multiple relations to everyd...

Geert Vermeire

Founder Online Jury 2022 Online Jury 2023

Geert Vermeire is a curator, poet and artist, moving constantly between Greece, Portugal and Brazil, with a focus on spatial writing, locative sound & performance and social practices. He develops collaborative processes, departing from the ethical in...


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