Exploring Sounds – Soundwalk

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Konstverkstaden Malakta Kb, Töckmovägen, Malax, Finland

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2022-06-04 10:00
10:00 UTC

In the project EXPLORING SOUNDS we invite sound artist Marco Salaris aka SANATĀNA as an artist in residence to stay at Malakta for two weeks in June for a collaboration with sound artist Michele Uccheddu from SUPRANU Records / Malakta. 

It’s a workshop open to everyone who wants to explore their surrounding soundscapes. The workshop is divided into both outdoors and indoor activities where we will play sounds, do recordings, discuss and understand more about different sounds in an artistic way. The workshop is not for musicians or sound artists, but it’s for the people who want to experience the sound in a deeper level of understanding. 

Exploring Sounds is a journey through the different possibilities of sound, from nature sounds to sound art.

The soundscape in nature changes with the presence or absence of forests and wild animals. What we hear today may not be the same in 10 years’ time. It is important to be able to be aware of how much the environment around us is being changed and what the future holds. 

Sound can be stimulating, it can be pleasant, it can be produced by an artistic action or it can be a sound generated by natural phenomena. 

Sound can also be disturbing, a disturbance that some researchers have evaluated as the cause of a malaise that can make life difficult to the point of creating pathologies. 

Our ears and our perception, knowing how they work and how we can use them is useful in understanding how we relate to sound that is continuous and surrounds us 24/7, day and night.

We will explore these different perspectives on sound in the workshop.


-MORNING H 10:00 to 13:00 

Meeting/departure from Malakta (Töckmovägen 48, Malax) 

During the walk we will do: 

  • Listening exercises 
  • Research and focus on peculiar sounds
  • Record the soundscape 

-LUNCH H 13:00 to 14:00 

Lunch break (we will offer a Sardinian rice salad) back at Malakta (Malax)

-AFTERNOON H 14:00 to 16:00 

Studio time, listening and discussion about the recorded sounds and soundscapes.

Andrew Stuck

Andrew Stuck

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