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First Friday Walks in Stroud

Kel Portman

Walking in the countryside around Stroud in Gloucestershire. Organised by artist’s collective Walking the Land, they take place on the first Friday of every month.

We’d like to invite you to join us on our First Friday Walk of the year. We’ll be meeting for lunch in Stroud before walking four or five miles when Andy and Richard will invite us to think about possible impacts that a carbon neutral future could have on the landscape – how we might be able to help bring about “a new beautiful” that takes account of ecological and cultural systems.

The four to five mile walk will be up and down, with mud and stiles and therefore not suitable for everyone. We aim to be back in Stroud by 4.30.

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2020-01-03 12:00
2020-01-03 12:00

Stroud, UK

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Ministry of Silly Walks

From Monty Python’s Flying Circus; a fictitious British government ministry responsible for developing silly walks through grants.

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