Food Walk Wageningen

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Wageningen, Netherlands

Event details

2019-09-15 09:30
09:30 UTC

This walking project will take place in Wageningen, an important city for agriculture in the Netherlands. The theme is about food, more precisely, about crops and food products. YiLing Hung is running a long-term artistic research project on food – how we prepare and consume food in relation to different seasons, ‘Food Walk Wageningen’ is a cluster project of it.

As the worldwide logistic system is getting increasingly efficient, people are able to access food from the other side of the globe with relative ease. However, alongside this development we also slowly lose the understanding of local and seasonal food products. Through this sound walk, as the organizer, we would like to raise the awareness of how the crops are grown, are processed, distributed and displayed in shops.

The participants will get access to and be able to download the audio files through the website of this project. There will be two audio files for the walk: 1) An instructional audio and general introduction; 2) Four pieces of talks from local farmers, food producers, citizens, and/or sellers about four selected food products/crops.

The walk can take place in any supermarkets that are chosen by the participants.

Optional interaction: We also will invite the participants to interact with us by creating a dish of those four ingredients/food products mentioned in the walk.

Near Wageningen, Netherlands

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