Guided by language

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Vic, Spain

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2022-07-08 15:00
15:00 UTC

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(walkshop in 3 parts – Girona, Olot, Vic) 

The urban landscape is awash with language calling out for our attention. Words pursue us in the form of advertising, corporate insignia, shop signage, but also in other forms. Sentences and scrawls appear all over the city on the side of walls, in toilet stalls or carved into tables. Through the process of dérive we will wander through the city looking for compelling pieces of text which complement or are in conflict with each other either aesthetically or thematically. Participants will take photos of language they encounter in order to create a collective visual collage where text is prominently featured.

Maximum number of participants: 8
Duration of walkshop: 90 minutes for the walk, followed by a meeting of between 30-60 minutes at the end to create a digital collage together.
Three sessions: Girona, Olot, Vic
Needs: Smartphone with camera (please make sure the phone has an adequate amount of battery before the start of the walk)

Jack Williams is an artist specialising in video and text-based art. His artistic and academic interests include: contemporary screen culture, authenticity within film and video and experimental writing techniques. He is currently doing his PhD at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław working in the intermedia studio.

Submitted by Geert Vermeire

Near Vic, Spain

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