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2021-11-30 19:00
19:00 UTC
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Soazic Guezennec is managing “Happy tourists”, the first and unique travel agency inviting people to get lost. It is a provocative, disruptive art project created in Berlin in 2018, with the serious objective to raise awareness on how mass tourism impacts cities and the environment and find new ways to be (or not to be) a tourist.
Convinced that discovery is more about personal experiences than expected outcome, Soazic uses artistic practice to design creative impulses which distract tourists from attractions, emphasize drifting in the unknown, and allow for unexpected encounters. Situations result in journeys which are personal, unplanned, rewarding, authentic, not guaranteed but allow tourists to discover the beauty in the common and the surprise in the everyday. Embark on a travel with Soazic in this Walk Listen Café (un)exploring the uncharted territories of common places and tourist destinations.



French artist Soazic Guezennec was born in Switzerland and spends her time living between Berlin, Mumbai and Paris. She creates multimedia art pieces mixing painting, video, installation and art in-situ to explore the relationship between nature and cultur...


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