HUB Zürich

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Zürich, Switzerland

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4 - 11 Jul, 2021

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The walking artist Marie-Anne Lerjen (Agentur für Gehkultur), who was present at the first implementation in Prespa, and the artist Simone Etter (künstlerinnenkollektiv marsie) have conceived a HUB for Zurich.
The HUB Zurich becomes an outstation of the encounters/conference in Prespa and applies the walks and tools of “Walking as a Question” in the context of Zurich’s urban space. The HUB wants to bring together a group of people in Zurich who will participate, follow the discussions and do the proposed walks together and share their experiences. Apart from that the HUB in Zurich proposes the walkshop “walking in(out)doors” for the encounters/conference, that focuses on visible and invisible “doors” to rethink accessibility. It will be possible to participate in Prespa on site or anywhere remotely. HUB Zurich will also take part in Hilary Ramsden’s walking project “A Walk around the Block” and in a shared presentation at the encounters/conference (vid. project Hilary Ramsden). Last but not least the HUB Zurich provides a regular online “window” to meet and exchange with artists in Prespa (in collaboration with Hilary Ramsden).After the conclusion of the encounters/conference, the HUB Zurich will continue the discussion of the experiences and will hold a process based exhibition on the topic with guests who have a walking based practice in public space (12th of August to 16th September 2021, location: “The Marsie – a space for collective art”, Zurich).

Simone Etter

Simone Etter

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Marie-Anne Lerjen is a walking artist from Zurich (Switzerland). Since 2011 she has been working under the label of “lerjentours. Agency for Walking Culture”. Her interest is in walking as a method to gain embodied knowledge about places, spaces, thing...

Near Zürich, Switzerland

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