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Info session Reading Water – A Contemplative Ecology of the Rivers Nile and the Thames

Info session

Connecting the Nile and the Thames through young people in the UK and in Egypt, with locative storytelling, group ecological restoration and art projects, during November 2022.

An open info session for all interested to participate, and all others interested, to find out more about the project and about how to participate in this upcoming creative collaboration between young people in the UK and Egypt, around the Nile and the Thames.

During the info session you will get to know the project leaders Eman Abdou and Fay Stevens, the Supercluster Locative Media team, followed by a talk by Dr Tracey Benson (Australia) about the similar project “Meeting of the Waters Oceania” that brought together 36 artists, scientists and thinkers around the globe to collaborate online around water issues. The team will answer all the questions you may have, or you can just listen in.

The info session will give more insight into how you can collaborate on an online ecological art and restoration project with other young people in the UK and in Egypt during the coming month, what we expect from you and what you will get out of the project, and what digital tools you will learn to work with.

The project will take shape in four group discussion and creation sessions for the selected applicants. The first session on Saturday November 5th, in the run up to COP27 in Egypt, will be in the format of an online game to discover the ecosystems of the Nile and the Thames, to get to know the other participants, and the basics of locative storytelling and contemplative ecology .
You can apply till November 3d as a participant.

Register for this info session by sending us an e-mail. Also if you can not join let us know your interest, registering will give you access to the video recording of the session.

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