LONG DISTANCE ROUNDABOUT a hybrid walk (remote)


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2021-07-07 16:00
16:00 UTC
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Prespa on my mind ….A walk in Prespa and anywhere in the world.-with or without internet connection –
LONG DISTANCE ROUNDABOUT is conceived as hybrid walk guided by Ienke Kastelein and avatar Lise Brenner in Prespa. We will walk simultaneously with a group of people present in Prespa, people who have walked in Prespa before – and those who wish they could be there – wherever they are in the world .During the walk we can switch our attention from the place where we are physically on the planet to the presence of others, sharing the same time-space. During the walk we will question this being in two places at once, the possibility of telepathic togetherness.
We will establish a WhatsApp group but use the medium in a restrained way – merely asa clock and alarm – and to share a text as an introduction that will be guiding during the walk.
Instead you can also choose to use a prompt, that can be sent to you on request. What matters is that we will all walk during the same time. The prompt will be available shortly before the walk starts. After the walk you are invited to share their experience through the WhatsApp or by mail.
Until the pandemic we could travel so easy and fast. During Covid times we started using digital communication on a large scale as if there were no distance at all.Not that long ago we were used to slow means, slow travel, sometimes never to return to a place once left behind – home – We managed to remain close to the people that stayed, through the connection of the heart and soul, using our awareness, memories, imagination and telepathic potential.Now in this timespace we need to rethink ourselves on the planet. Out of love for the planet this summer I won’t travel to Prespa in the flesh. However, I would love to be there otherwise.Two years ago I walked in Prespa. Last year during Drifting Bodies Fluent Spaces I performed the hybrid walk Walking Water with people in Guimaraes, Utrecht and many other places in the world.Ienke Kastelein 2021

Ienke Kastelein


"Walk so silently that the bottoms of your feet become ears" Pauline Oliveros Artist Statement Ienke Kastelein is an interdisciplinary artist interested in perception and the senses. She is engaged in context and habitat. Hence walking and sitting ha...

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