Lore of the Wild

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Lesnes Abbey Woods, Belvedere, UK

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2022-10-04 15:30
15:30 UTC

Lore of the Wild Guided Walk is a series of 12 pre-recorded stories accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack. They were co-created by Bernadette Russell and Sophie Austin during lock down 2020.

These enchanting stories are all about Lesnes Abbey Woods, which you listen to using one of our MP3 players as you are guided by volunteers through the woods. It is a very relaxing way to spend an afternoon listening to stories, whilst enjoying being out in nature.

As you walk, you’ll hear stories from crows, squirrels, ants, foxes, fungi, the pond, the chalk and even the wind herself, as they weave together tales which connect the woods to the whole world and beyond. Look out for the faces in the trees, dance with the oak tree, gain wisdom from the Green Man, walk to the beat of Lesnes’s ancient secret buried heart and rediscover your own true wildness.



I'm a storyteller working across theatre, film and audio to tell stories that bond us to the natural world. I specialise in writing and directing site-responsive projects that work with communities; human and more-than-human to explore the nature of our co...

Near Lesnes Abbey Woods, Belvedere, UK

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