Mapping Our Way – A Group Audio Walk

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Five Years, Boothby Road, London N19 4AJ, UK

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2022-09-17 15:00
15:00 UTC

Following Finding Our Way – Nathania Hartley’s last group walk around Archway, Mapping Our Way will take influence from previous encounters with the area, melding past and present, imaginings and realities. We will walk as a group, silently, following old paths and finding new ways.

A recorded voice will be the sonic map to guide us, as we come together to listen to the city and uncover the many layers that make up our urban space and our place within it.

Free, but please book via Eventbrite to receive the audio link needed for the walk. Booking link –

Nathania Hartley

Nathania Hartley

Nathania creates tiny acts of disruption... using people and place to playfully make us reconsider our everyday, and spoken and written word to hit a little harder. Often the art is a walk together - aiming to get us to simply look again at what exists...

Near Five Years, Boothby Road, London N19 4AJ, UK

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