Messages from the Rocks – Stories of the Invisible sound walk

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Art Gallery of Regina, Elphinstone Street, Regina, SK, Canada

Event details

2022-06-06 19:00
19:00 UTC

This walk is led by audio artist Ernie Dulanowsky. Dulanowsky will guide participants through an urban landscape of sounds beyond human hearing generated by electronics, wildlife and insects. Using an array of homemade listening devices, Dulanowsky will make the back alleys and laneways of the Cathedral Village Neighbourhood and Les Sherman Park around the Art Gallery of Regina come alive with the secret world of sounds. This is an accessible event, suitable for those with mobility issues and vision challenges.

This walk is part of Linda Duvall and Jillian McDonald’s community-engaged art project for the Art Gallery of Regina, Messages from the Rocks – Stories of the Invisible. The artists invite people to imagine and share stories of the unseen forces that animate the land. 

Nature walks direct attention to animals that we may not normally observe, spirits that live on the land and the un-observable slowness of geological change. Their project acknowledges non-Western systems of knowledge and the transformative power of imagination.

To learn more about free, creative and interactive ways to connect to Messages from the Rocks – Stories of the Invisible, visit here.

Andrew Stuck


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Near Art Gallery of Regina, Elphinstone Street, Regina, SK, Canada

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