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Mindful Walking and Sounds Experience

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Gunnersbury Park, Popes Lane, London, UK

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2020-09-19 09:30
09:30 UTC

This walk is designed for both beginners and also those with a little Mindfulness experience too.

The Mindful Walking and Sounds Experience will combine static Mindfulness alongside Walking and Sounds Meditation.

It is always wonderfiul to be able to connect in a natural setting and so we will walk around Gunnersbury Park observing our walking action and also stopping to hear the sounds of nature and the city.

The walk starts at the Gunnersbury Park Boating Lake Lodge.

Nelson David

My first encounter with Meditation and Mindfulness was 15 years ago and it has proved truly life changing. Back then I was a comedy writer/performer and I do still perform at the occasional Spoken Word event, but 3 years ago I took the decision to become a...

Near Gunnersbury Park, Popes Lane, London, UK

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Sounds Wild and Broken with author David G. Haskell

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Meet the authors who are writing about walking and the landscapes through which we walk, at walk · listen · create’s Walking Writers Salons. We are delighted to have biologist and award-winning nature writer David George Haskell join us in October, talking about “Sounds Wild and Broken: Sonic marvels, Evolution's Creativity and the Crisis of Sensory Extinction" in which he explores the origins of song, music and speech across all species.

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Walk through a workhouse / walk through a park

2022-09-17 13:00

St John's Way, London, UK. (Hillside Park)

During this guided walk, we uncover the ruins of a demolished workhouse that once inhabited the meadows of Hillside Park, north London.

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Torenstemmen, een klankperformance met Ienke Kastelein

Museum IJsselstein

11 Sep, 2022

Museum IJsselstein, Walkade, IJsselstein, Netherlands

Hoe ervaar je een ruimte, als je je ogen sluit? We gaan op zoek naar de klank van de kasteeltoren, we stemmen ons af op de ruimte, hoe wij in trilling komen, als vleermuizen de ruimte peilend, de toren als klankkast.

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Vancouver New Music

2022-09-25 18:30


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This soundwalk invites participants to walk, listen and escape along evolving and eroding pathways that point to historical echoes of Vancouver’s past, traverse alongside the present, and invite sonic imaginings of a possible future.

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SCHRITTWEISE – Choreographing City

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Eiserne Brücke, Berlin, Deutschland

SCHRITTWEISE is a participatory performance in and with the city, allowing a choreography to emerge from small experiments with movement and perception, conducted while walking.

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Mapping Our Way – A Group Audio Walk

2022-09-17 15:00

Five Years, Boothby Road, London N19 4AJ, UK

Following old paths and finding new ways we will walk silently together, guided by a recorded voice.

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Walking Home: Soundwalk at Great Linford Manor Park

Milton Keynes Literary Festival

2022-09-24 15:00

Great Linford Manor Park (The Parks Trust), Great Linford, Milton Keynes, UK

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Sound Walk September Stories Sunday

25 Sep, 2022