Movie Event- African Bioacoustics Community Conference 2020

As part of the African Bioacoustics Community 2020 Conference programme, we are planning an Online Movie Event to highlight bioacoustic science to both registered and non-registered participants. We are inviting submissions from filmmakers, scientists, students, and the public to contribute content to this event!

What we are looking for:
– Feature films: Complete productions of 15 minutes to 1hr, showcasing bioacoustic content such as animal communication or effects of noise.

– Behind the Scenes and Unusual Observations: Short films less than 15 mins long, highlighting interesting bioacoustic observations – not necessarily professional video quality but content of general interest or amusement!

Sub-Category A: Bioacoustics in natural history production. Input could include movie out-takes or behind the scenes footage collected by professional film makers.

Sub-Category B: Scientific data collection. Input could include videos taken by academic/student scientists during data collection, featuring interesting
behavioural or amusing observations. (Behind the scenes/ teamwork footage showing how data are collected and the process of scientific discovery are also welcome!).

Sub-Category C: Citizen scientist contributions – Input could include underwater video from divers/free divers, garden observations, holiday
observations of interesting bioacoustic related content (bird song, whale song, frog choruses etc.).

– Purely audio submissions are also welcome! Especially if they are accompanied by a photograph of the species and a description of the context of sound production.

Footage can be of any species, in any geographic area, though footage highlighting species or research in Africa will be given priority.

How to submit:

Submissions can be sent to [email protected] by the 26th October. Please include a description of which category/ sub-header it fits into. Copyright restrictions and data ownership should be clearly stated on the video footage, and water marking the footage is also fine.

The ABC2020 Online Movie Event is free to all registered conference participants and fees will be waivered for those who supply video footage. Public access to the African Bioacoustics Community Online Movie Event is encouraged and will be available for a recommended minimum donation:

50 ZAR unwaged
100 ZAR waged

Payable through PayPal, Snapscan or EFT.

Questions? Call us at(+27) 21 788 1206 or email to [email protected]

Date 02/11/2020
End 05/11/2020
Website URL
Online This event is online

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