“My Body, My Country”


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2021-07-18 15:00
15:00 UTC
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“My Body, My Country”, Creative and meditative walking

How does our body become our homeland?
How do our bodies become a receptacle and messenger of the multiple realities we are immersed in?

In a time where feeling disconnected from our bodies is the new normal, this workshop/ creative walk will help participants explore their own body and presence by conjuring body images and physical gestures. In a 1 hour long walk, we will explore issues of identity, social relationships, and agency, through a shared creative process. Using walking as meditation and creative process, and listening to a recorded voice to guide you, participants will use texts, drawings, movement, photographs, and video to share the stories of our bodies. This course is ideal for performance art, visual artists, performers, as well as anyone looking to get back in touch with their body and art. No background in performance required. This workshop is open to audiences of all genders and ages interested in exploring the female perspective through movement and visual expression, and to participate in the act of self-discovering the body and accepting yourself anew.
Participants will choose where and when to walk.
When the walk is finished, participants are encouraged to share their art and be published in Anabella’s blog.

Preparation before the workshop:
Comfortable clothes that allow a wide range of movement are recommended. Be prepared to take photos and videos with your phone. Additionally, make sure the phone is charged and has free space. Wear headphones. A portable cell phone battery/charger might be needed.
Have paper or a small pocket-sized notepad, along with a pen or pencil to be able to draw and write.

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Anabella Lenzu

Anabella Lenzu

Originally from Argentina, Anabella Lenzu is a dancer, choreographer, writer and teacher with over 30 years experience working in Argentina, Chile, Italy, London and the USA. Lenzu directs her own company, Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama (ALDD), which since ...

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