On line meet up with Saira Niazi: “Walking as a woman of colour”

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Start 2020-08-18 18:00 UTC
18:00 UTC
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Saira Niazi is a writer, wandering guide and founder of a project called Living London. Over the years she has led wanderings across the city for people from all walks of life. She has recently released a book of personal essays entitled ‘On Belonging, Reflections of a Renegade Guide.’ In her book, she shares her unlikely journey towards becoming a guide drawing upon the stories, experiences, and insights of the extraordinary people she has met along the way.

“As a young girl I was taught that it is unsafe to wander alone. As a woman, I find nothing brings me more peace than wandering alone. I’ve traversed remote ‘nowhere’ landscapes; from lonely edgelands to expansive wetlands in areas throughout the world. Walking as a woman isn’t always easy, especially as woman of colour. There have been times I have felt vulnerable, exposed and uneasy. Gendered geographic fear, lack of early exposure and skill development are just a couple of obstacles I’ve overcome, I wonder – what are some of the other barriers that woman walkers face? What can we do to break them down? What are some of the ways in which women can support each other in undertaking more perilous walking journeys?”


Saira Niazi

Saira Niazi

Saira Niazi is a London based writer, community worker, renegade guide and founder of the Living London project. Over the years, Niazi has explored, photographed and written about over a thousand hidden gems across the city, from bingo halls and burial ...


Andrew Stuck

Andrew Stuck

Andrew is the founder of the Museum of Walking, created to bring people together and to make and showcase walking pieces and performances. Andrew also is a podcaster, interviewing creative people who use walking as a catalyst for their practice. Talking Wa...

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Date 18/08/2020
Time 18:00 UTC
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