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Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, Rue Dolomieu, Grenoble, France

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2021-09-12 15:15
15:15 UTC
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Soundwalk – Carte blanche to Gilles Malatray (Desartsonnants)
PAS – Parcours Audio Sensible

How to feed the listening of the spaces we go through daily, by wandering, improvisation, surprise, discovery? Which listening postures can we explore during a sensitive, collective, shared walk ?

APNÉES gives carte blanche to Gilles Malatray (Desartsonnants) and invites the audience to dive, step by step, into the listening of the urban soundscape.

This event will take place in compliance with the applicable health instructions


APNÉES (Association pour la PerformaNce, l’Électroacoustique et les Expérimentations Sonores) is a cultural association created in 2019, active in Grenoble area (France). Its goals are to develop, support and diffuse the sonic researches, contemporar...

Near Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, Rue Dolomieu, Grenoble, France

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