Psychogeography and disruption

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Start 2020-11-10 19:00 UTC
19:00 UTC

Elspeth (Billie) Penfold is the producer of A different LENS, an interactive map, created with the artist group Thread and Word. The map uses locative media to create a rich interactive experience in and around Margate (UK). A different LENS is one of the shortlisted works for the Sound Walk September 2020 Awards.

For this café on November 10, Billie and four of her creative colleagues, Jack Lowe, Sonia Overall, Virginia Fitch and Phoebe McIndoe, who participated in A different LENS, we will offer a menu at a long table where 12 guests take part in a spoken conversation, where additional participants can contribute to the conversation by text chat.
From the participants 7 will be selected to seat at the table, while others will be able to listen in and interact via text chat. The 7 will come and go, being replaced by others throughout the duration of the café.
This format is based on the Long Table, a concept by artist Lois Weaver, in which a conversation is sparked between a revolving number of 12 guests at a, well, long table, continuously replenished by members of the audience. Check out this PDF with a description of how the Long Table can work.

Topics will include psychogeography, and the practice of the participants, but will be fluid.
Billie’s practice seeks to create disruption more than resolution. She uses the digital map, through drawing and conversation, to explore how arts methods can bring a different kind of visibility and sensing to the experiences of the map entries in A different LENS, in ways that words alone cannot.


Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold

United Kingdom

Elspeth (Billie) Penfold is a textile artist who brings her experience of teaching and research into performative work. In 2012 she formed the arts group Thread and Word. Through call outs and personal invitation Elspeth works collaboratively with invited ...

Jack Lowe

Jack Lowe

I’m a cultural geographer and visiting lecturer in Digital Storytelling at Royal Holloway, whose research engages with various forms of digital media art to investigate the processes through which places become meaningful. I'm currently undertaking a ...

Sonia Overall

I am a Senior Lecturer in Creative & Professional Writing at Canterbury Christ Church University, where I run the MA in Creative Writing. I also teach and lead workshops in creative writing for festivals, writers' groups and study days. I'm an avid ...

Phoebe McIndoe

Phoebe McIndoe

I work as an audio producer, script-writer, researcher and podcast developer. I produce creative, cutting-edge documentaries, news for broadcast and radio shows. Previously I worked as a relationships and sex educator. I have a special interest in...

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Date 10/11/2020
Time ICS/ICAL · gcal 19:00 UTC
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