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Green Man Roundabout (Stop P), London, UK

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24 - 25 Sep, 2022

Re-LINK is a 48hour remounting of Graeme Miller’s work LINKED which comprises of 20 analogue radio transmitters that have broadcast day and night along the edges of the A12 M11 Link Road in East London, between Hackney Marshes and Redbridge since 2003. It is arguably one of the largest sculptural entities in the capital. Each transmitter broadcasts the voices of the former residents of 500 houses demolished to make the road and is a semi-permanent work of the Museum of London.

Over the years some transmitters have failed, been knocked down, lost as lampposts have been replaced. What is remarkable is the endurance of those that remain and the walker, with a receiver, can intercept broadcasts that have been outputting in situ for 19 years. Once a well-attended work the piece largely goes unheeded and as such has become an almost secret layer of electromagnetic energy in the capital. The material quality of the piece is very different from the digitally based sound walks that have emerged subsequent to this seminal piece. It is there, despite the absence or presence of the listener. This has inspired this new work, Re-Linked, planned now as an annual event that will once again restore narratives and re-instate a pathway of audible material that describes and evokes nearly 100 years of social geography and lived experience that include the fine detail of ordinary lives and extraordinary and drastic events in the last moments of these houses.

Graeme Miller

Graeme Miller

Graeme Miller is an artist and composer whose work emerged from the influential performance work of the 1980s, a co-founder of Impact Theatre Cooperative. He subsequently developed work as theatre artist with works that include, A Girl Skipping, 1990. Thou...

Near Green Man Roundabout (Stop P), London, UK

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