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Resounding: Noise Matters

This is the first event in the new Livingmaps programme

FRONT LINES, BACK YARDS – Monthly online events exploring the local frontlines of our multiple crises and drawing on the innovative forms of social and cultural mapping emerging from the backyards created during lockdown.

In this event two leading sound artists present approaches to field mapping that challenge conventional perceptions and represent, directly or indirectly, a call to action.

• Resounding is a project following in the footsteps of J.A. Baker, author of The Peregrine (1967), making field recordings around the River Blackwater in Essex. Using one of Baker’s maps as inspiration Stuart Bowditch visited 13 locations to walk, make field recordings and to sit, listen, absorb, think and be.

• This Noise Matters was a public workshop in May 2018, which invited its attendees – many of whom have experienced homelessness – to talk about the issue in terms of sound and listening. Paul Tourle, who devised the project in collaboration with the Museum of Homelessness, will play excerpts from the piece and offer thoughts on the potentials and limits of the mapping culture it grew out of.

Stuart’s practice is located in places and communities on the fringes, geographically and socially, with particular interest in capturing overlooked and overheard noises. He has contributed to art installations, phone apps, archival records, radio broadcasts, dance performances, public consultation events, a computer game and a eulogy, among other things.

Paul Tourle is a researcher and interpretative planner working in the heritage industry. This year he completed his PhD at UCL, a project that explored sound, homelessness, mapping, the idea of heritage and how cultural institutions talk about inclusion and democracy.

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2020-10-28 19:00
2020-10-28 19:00


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A gentle walk: Sall we geng fir a daander doon da rodd?

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