Roundware: a new approach to locative apps and sound art; Halsey Burgund in interview with Hamish Sewell


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2020-09-02 21:00
21:00 UTC

Halsey Burgund is a fellow at the MIT Open Documentary Lab where he researches new forms of audio documentary. For the past decade, his work has focused on contributory location-based audio installations. His app, Roundware (, is an open-source audio augmented reality platform for collecting, organizing and re-presenting audio via smartphones and the web.
Using a simple Listen/Speak interface and blending sounds in its own unique algorithm, Roundware facilitates very different approach to the immersive experience and locative narratives.
Join this (40-45 minute) live streaming discussion with Hamish Sewell, of Soundtrails, as he talk with Halsey Burgund about Roundware, what it’s doing and where it’s going.

The event will be available through Facebook:

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7am AEST (UTC+10), September 3
11pm CET (UTC+2), September 2
10pm BST (UTC+1), September 2
9pm GMT (UTC), September 2
6pm BRT (UTC-3), September 2

Hamish Sewell

Hamish Sewell

SWS Advisory Board 2020 SWS Advisory Board 2021 SWS Grand Jury 2022

Hamish Sewell is the founder and primary audio producer with the geo locative platform Soundtrails. He has an extensive background in documentary radio and oral history and his works have won him international recognition and awards. For the last six y...

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