Roundware: a new approach to locative apps and sound art; Halsey Burgund in interview with Hamish Sewell

Halsey Burgund is a fellow at the MIT Open Documentary Lab where he researches new forms of audio documentary. For the past decade, his work has focused on contributory location-based audio installations. His app, Roundware (, is an open-source audio augmented reality platform for collecting, organizing and re-presenting audio via smartphones and the web.
Using a simple Listen/Speak interface and blending sounds in its own unique algorithm, Roundware facilitates very different approach to the immersive experience and locative narratives.
Join this (40-45 minute) live streaming discussion with Hamish Sewell, of Soundtrails, as he talk with Halsey Burgund about Roundware, what it’s doing and where it’s going.

The event will be available through Facebook:

Start time:

7am AEST (UTC+10), September 3
11pm CET (UTC+2), September 2
10pm BST (UTC+1), September 2
9pm GMT (UTC), September 2
6pm BRT (UTC-3), September 2

Date 02/09/2020
Time ICS/ICAL · gcal 21:00 UTC
21:00 UTC
Website URL
Online This event is online

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