Sara’s Last Steps (Postponed due to Covid-19)

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Windermere, UK. (further details on registration)

Event details

2020-05-17 00:00
00:00 UTC

A slow participatory walk in the Lake District exploring layers of erasure, separation and reunion.

May 2020. 120 minutes, 500 metres from Auschwitz selection point to the crematorium. A line transposed to the site of a demolished housing estate built for aircraft workers on the shores of Lake Windermere. in 1945 residents of the estate helped host a group of child Holocaust refugees. We will walk with the memories of those who survived and for those who did not, as we will walk mindful of today’s child refugees stuck in the camps in Europe and on its borders.

All welcome but registration is essential.

This continues the Forced Walks initiative established 2015-2017 with Honouring Esther. Part of a commission, Sanctuary and Exile, from the Lake District Holocaust Project, exhibition in August.

Richard White

Richard White

Online Jury 2023 SWS Grand Jury 2023

UK based walking and multimedia artist/researcher Richard White devises, curates and hosts walks involving listening, sensing, making and asking questions. His participatory performative practice, Walknow, explores accountability and seeks to develop resp...

Near Windermere, UK. (further details on registration)

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