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2020-09-24 18:00
18:00 UTC
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COVID lockdown created an ‘unreal’ calm across global cities – intrusive aircraft noise was silenced, the hum of road traffic and screech of rail diminished. Humans began to appreciate the sounds of nature that surrounds them. A calm sought by many living in towns and cities was created by a global crisis. As lockdown eases, and life returns to ‘normal’ how can we seek the tranquility that we all shared?

Ximena Alarcon a ‘deep listening’ practitioner and sound artist invites you to a discussion with landscape architect, Usue Ruiz Arana, composer and digital media artist, Ron Herrema and Richard Bentley of consultancy Small Silence. Drawing from three different perspectives they will reveal how we can be successful in seeking tranquility.


Ximena Alarcón

Ximena Alarcón is a sound artist researcher interested in listening to in-between spaces: dreams, underground public transport, and the migratory context. She creates telematic improvisations using Deep Listening, and interfaces for relational listening. ...


Usue Ruiz Arana

Usue Ruiz Arana

I am a landscape architect and lecturer at Newcastle University. My research is concerned with the role of walking and listening in the affective engagement with the landscape, and the active use of sound in landscape architecture practice.

Ron Herrema

Ron Herrema is a composer, digital media artist, and app developer. In recent years he has: developed two iPhone app/artworks; co-produced the winning entry at The Tate Modern's art hackathon; performed audiovisual free improv; composed for film; and creat...

Richard Bentley

Richard Bentley

Richard is a sound artist and researcher whose work employs contemplative listening and field recording to explore the interplay of mind and soundscape in experiences of positive silence. Richard is Creative Director of Small Silence an organisation conne...

Supported by

Tonkin Liu is an architectural studio based in London, with a built portfolio of award-wining architecture, artwork, and landscape projects.
Each of our project is based on lessons learned from nature, each aims to connect people to nature.
Some use nature as symbols: mountain, river, flower, ocean – through simple stories that build on our collective identities.
Some use weather elements that nature offers generously for free: sunlight, rainfall, wind, to animate architecture.
Some learn from design excellence in nature:  integrated systems, diversity, economy of means, form equating to structure.
Like nature, we design responsively, iteratively, adaptively, inventively, holistically, and to aspire to achieve the most from the least.

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