Sound walking at the International Analogio Festival

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21 - 28 Sep, 2021

In the New Media Dialogue program of the International Analogio Festival, this September, you can walk and listen with texts and sounds, wherever you are in the world. In Athens, where the physical festival is held, or online -with your mobile device, where you live.

Artists, writers and thinkers around the world were invited to create a text for walking or a sound walk, resulting in works from Australia, Panama, Canada, US, Belarus, Italy, UK, Cyprus and Greece, inspired by the concept of audio papers, an innovative form of new media based texts for on the move and with a performative element.

Walk and listen during the International Analogio Festival with: 

Left foot, right foot by Aural Lab – CUT Cyprus, Yiannis Christidis and Efi Kyprianidou (Cyprus) 

Walking Contención Island by Martin P Eccles (UK)

Linaceae by Hanna Randall (UK)

Performing memory in familiar places by Maria Sideri (Greece)

To commemorate, to remember, to imagine. Research notes on walking as a methodology in Québec by Simon-Olivier Gagnon (Canada)

Political Soundwalks: listening to the political protests in Minsk, Belarus by Pavel Niakhayeu (Belarus) 

Walking and listening; the case of audio performance walks by Maria Ristani (Greece) 

Where am I? A dislocated soundwalk by Viv Corringham (US)

“Aquí habita un río” (A river lives here) by Mar Alzamora (Panama) 

Ted The Mole in the Touristed City by The Carders’ assembly (Italy)

A co-production with WAC 2021, during Sound Walk September 2021.

New Media Dialogue program is curated by Geert Vermeire.

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