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Sounds and bodies in space

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At this café, we meet David Somló, a Hungarian interdisciplinary artist, based in Budapest.

As an artist and researcher David works with the movement of sounds and bodies in space. Hence he uses walking as a fundamental form to facilitate and choreograph various performative situations.

This approach is the most prominent in three of his works that he will introduce in this walk · listen · cafe.

Length of a Distance was created to be performed in tunnels, where 8 performers are carrying continuous harmonic tones on portable speakers in 8 various tempos.

Mandala is a participatory piece where 10-20 audience members are following intersecting pathways, while carrying portable speakers while a resonant composition is played from them, creating an evolving group choreography.

Drift is choreographed for large public squares and 15 performers carrying portable speakers. The piece was created from the research and modifications of public space walking and creates a playful, intense presence to audiences and passerbys.

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2021-11-02 19:00
2021-11-02 19:00

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Sounds and bodies in space

We meet David Somló, a Hungarian interdisciplinary artist, based in Budapest.



'Drift' is a one hour long sound choreography, composed for large public space, and performed with 15 local performers.

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