Soundwalk: The Ecology by the ears

CC-BY-NC: Gilles Malatray

“In the 1950s, sound ecology appeared in Quebec, an acoustic branch of a more global ecology. This aesthetic and bioacoustic approach is more relevant than ever, pointing to the dysfunctions of our sound landscapes, between saturation and disappearance. But it also allows us to re-listen to the city by favoring good listening, and by rethinking how to enhance, even protect, places where the ear finds real pleasure in walking.
A stroll punctuated with stops – hearing points and readings “

Date 21/03/2020
Time ICS/ICAL · gcal 14:30 UTC
14:30 UTC
End 21/03/2020
Website URL
Cost 10€ - 6€ for Students
Location Lyon, France - Gare Saint-Paul

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