Spaces of Contemplation : Guided Walk and Meditation experience at Gibbons Rent 

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8 Holyrood Street, London SE1 2EL, UK

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2022-05-10 18:00
18:00 UTC

Discover this London Bridge green oasis and immerse your senses in a mindful experience. Mark Mental Health Awareness Week with us!

We invite you to press pause in your day and explore some of London Bridge’s green spaces. Give yourself the treat of an immersive experience, be guided within Gibbons Rent on a meditative participation as you allow Mel Sutton‘s calming voice to guide you through a journey of sensory exploration and imagination.

Writer and meditation teacher Mel was commissioned by Team London Bridge during the pandemic to create immersive experiences along the Low Line, places which can offer both a bustling environment and some hidden quiet green spaces. Encouraged by the desire many felt to convene with nature during lockdown the idea behind this project was to find calm and rejuvenation within the city.

As a legacy and our gift to you, we are delighted to share with our London Bridge community the pieces that Mel created, which you can enjoy in your own time either in the respective places or from the comfort of your home. One was inspired by Gibbons Rent and the other one by St John’s Churchyard. Each audio piece is about 14 minutes long, you can listen to them here.

Mel Sutton

Mel Sutton

Health advocate and spiritual teacher. I create events to inspire, enabling you to access your potential through creativity. When we are creative we express our unique talents and become aligned to our purpose. I teach Yoga and Meditation. I'm intereste...

Near 8 Holyrood Street, London SE1 2EL, UK

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