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Summer Solstice – a provocation and invitation – Walking towards the Light

a sunrise walk of 15 paces over flotsam and jetsam | River Severn

Here’s a gentle reminder as we inch closer to the Solstice

Hope you’ll be able to contribute

The seasons move on and it will soon be Solstice, so here’s a provocation for you:

‘Walking towards the Light’

This provocation involves a bit of serendipity; some navigation; a walk (of what ever length you desire); some observations and responses and a bit of determination.

Summer solstice will be celebrated from Thursday 20th June, though many in the UK will opt from 7pm on Thursday 20th June to 8am on Friday 21st June.

Your walk can take place at anytime on these dates.

The Walk
The walk can start and finish on a location of your choosing

It can be as long or as short as you determine – it might be from sunrise and last all day until sunset or alternatively it might last only a few minutes

Take a sighting of the sun (or if your in the UK it might be a bit of a guess)
Start walking towards the sun – as time passes and the sun moves you may need to change your direction, but always walking as much towards the sun as topography, tracks and roads allow.
You might be following a known route, but hopefully you’ll soon reach the limits of your familiarity
Note your responses and observations – which can be in a form of your choice – still or moving images, the written or spoken word, prose or poetry, performance etc

Once complete selected works will be curated and assembled as a video

There are no submission fees involved and no prizes. Just enjoy the act of creating

15 artist’s work will be selected and assembled into an online video gallery

Submission date
Please submit your work by 1st July 2024

Sending work
Please send your work via to my email address [email protected]

Further details:
Please get back to me ([email protected]) if you’d like to participate or have questions

This event has happened

20 - 21 Jun, 2024

Multiple locations

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desire path

A term mostly used by town planners or architects to describe the short-cut paths created by people. So a path around a square ‘green’ will often have a desire path cutting off the corners. Town planners recognise them as an admission that the initial path was put in the wrong place. Called ‘Elephant Paths’ in some countries.

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