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2020-09-24 23:30
23:30 UTC


“To walk is to think, to create, to process life. In 1991, I designed my first pair of minimal string shoes to sculpt them with the movement of walking. Traveling in 41 countries with 208 pairs of shoes, I have analyzed how people everywhere in the world have preconceptions about people from what they wear. The resulting collection of used shoes is a series of sculptures that will continue as a long as I can walk. Using shoes have become a conversation starter, a collection of memories collected along the way.”

This talk will be offered on zoom, via Speedwell LIVE.



Viviane Le Courtois

Viviane Le Courtois has created process-based artworks and conceptual installations since 1989. Her art often intrigues visitors by connecting art to everyday life and inviting thoughtful participation. Viviane received her DNSEP (MFA) from the Ecole Pilot...


Julie Poitras Santos

Julie Poitras Santos

SWS Advisory Board 2020 SWS Advisory Board 2021

Julie Poitras Santos' site-specific art practice includes video, installation, and public projects that include a walking component. The relationship between site, story and mobility fuels a wide range of research and production, including the relationship...

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