Talking to trees

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Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Event details

2019-09-01 10:00
10:00 UTC

Talking to trees is a local walk around some beautiful trees in suburban Holt in the Australian Capital Territory. These trees silently watch our daily comings and goings and we often do not notice them quietly supporting our life and work through their life giving oxygen and their shade on hot summers day.

The walk will be focused on themes of close observation, deep time, mindfulness and acknowledgement of the Sacred in nature.

In the southern hemisphere, 1 September is officially the first day of spring so this work also celebrates the changes of the seasons and the emergence of new growth.

The walk will be led by media artist Tracey Benson and supported by TransArts Alliance.

Tracey Benson

Tracey M Benson is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher based in Canberra, Australia. In 2019 she founded Treecreate, a social enterprise focused on creative action around regeneration, reforestation and eco-awareness. With an interest in ubiquitous ...

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