Thalweg by Convex a choral meditation promenade along the Thames

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Rotherhithe, London, UK

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2019-09-27 18:30
18:30 UTC

Would the Amazon forest still be burning if it was legally recognised as a living entity? Environmental rights and ecoside are some of the themes of Convex’s new performance: Thalweg.

The artistic collaboration Convex is presenting new work at Totally Thames for the second year. Thalweg is a choral meditation promenade along the river Thames specifically looking at river rights and environmental personhood.

The participants have two options to join Convex in this experience:

– The first option is to take part in a workshop and a performance: engaging in an informal discussion about rivers, learning the vocal parts and promenade routes in advance and therefore, becoming a participation leader. Convex particularly encourages members of the Maori, Indian and Colombian communities as well as members of choirs to join the workshops; however, everyone with an interest to take part is welcome!

– The second option is to participate in the performance directly, where four Convex professional singers and a bunch of participation leaders will guide the rest of the audience to the river through a thoughtful experience of connection with nature and culture!

See you by the river!

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Near Rotherhithe, London, UK

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