TO)pot sound walks festival

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15 - 18 Sep, 2022

TO)pot is a festival of sound walks, sound events and reflections, which through walking as an artistic practice, thematises acoustic ecology. In a condensed timeframe, when the atmosphere clears and summer turns to autumn, the festival offers familiar and lesser-known spaces, places and trails that can be experienced in a completely new way with the help of chosen sound walking practices.

The TO)pot festival gathers artists, theorists and curious walkers to bring them closer to walking as a practice of creating, grounding and listening in/to the environment, as a spatial acting-out of the place and the body and as simply walking per se. Thus, we invite you to join us at various urban paths and venues for three days of art-walking-works, lectures, sound events and workshops prepared by selected artists: Elena BISERNA, Ida HIRŠENFELDER (beepblip), Aldo MILOHNIĆ, Alisa OLEVA, OR poiesis, Boštjan PEROVŠEK, Irena PIVKA / Brane ZORMAN, Saška RAKEF / Bojana ŠALJIĆ PODEŠVA / Tina KOZIN, Manja RISTIĆ.

With a new name and an enhanced production framework, the TO)pot festival builds upon the foundations of last year’s Sound Walk City festival and joins Sound Walk September, the yearly global festival celebrating sound walks as a creative practice, within the platform walk listen create.

Irena Pivka

Irena Pivka

SWS Award winner

Irena Pivka is an artist, producer, architect and scenographer. In recent years she has primarily focused on artworks that shed light on the connection between place, sound, map and digital tools. She focuses her developing artistic expressions on the prep...

Brane Zorman

Brane Zorman

SWS Award winner

Brane Zorman is a composer, sound and intermedia artist, sound manipulator, producer and curator. Besides composing for the theatre, intermedia and dance, he is focused on developing different strategies, techniques, dynamic and interactive models in his w...

Near Ljubljana, Slovenia

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