Undercurrents Segment 4: Finchley Road to Finsbury Park in reverse

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Finchley Road Station, London, UK

Event details

2020-03-01 11:00
11:00 UTC
Donation £6/10 or £1 for concessions

Continuing a clockwise exploration of InspiralLondon Trail we walk segment 4 from Finchley to Finsbury Park. A reverse spiralling back from Finchley Road through the unconscious, the subconscious and into the collective (un)consciousness of North London, as we cross Hampstead Heath, pass Highgate Cemetery toward the Archway.
Again going clockwise this segment of the walk encapsulates and concentrates the variety, decentering, the sheer unexpected density of experience, that comes with exploring and listening to the city on foot as we trace our way to the trails beginning. This detour to Freud’s House – encounters with hidden walnut trees, the Wolf Man and the prehistoric – we venture back out into Hampstead’s wild undercurrents, as we re-engage with North London’s hidden energies.

As it this is a winter walk – dress accordingly and bring some cash or sandwiches as we will stop halfway for refreshments along the way. Venue and time tbc.
Note some light refreshments will be provided.

Near Finchley Road Station, London, UK

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