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Walk with Jane Soundwalk

We will repeat a walk around a district in Norbiton to see how it has changed in a year.

We will be listening to recordings of interviews from people that live and work there, and who may join us.

It will include poetry readings to and about features that may or may not still exist and listen to birds and bats (with bat detection equipment supplied).

For booking and the meeting point contact Alison 07867507086 (Toilets available at my house for the weary pilgrim). I can only take 6 but I will keep a waiting list in case this changes

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2020-09-12 17:30
2020-09-12 17:30

Cambridge Road Estate Resident Association, Kingston upon Thames, UK

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hybrid flaneur/flaneuse

Hybrid flaneur/flaneuse has become a performative “orchestrator” of steps and technologies – of sensory and emotional encounters. It is this oscillation between the poetic, the socio-technological, the geographical and the emotional that shifts the meaning of flanerie and walking in the 21st century. Hybrid flaneur/flaneuse can be also described in line with the cultural and aesthetic trajectories of the 20th century ambulatory practices. Therefore, a hybrid flaneur/flaneuse could be a creative merging of the romanticised view of early flaneur, the radical tactics and political implications of psychogeography and the performative/site-oriented elements of Fluxus and Land Art – all considered through a wide range of embodied media, social and geographical sensitivities.

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