Walk21 Seoul

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Seoul, South Korea

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26 - 28 May, 2021

Walk21 is the international charity dedicated to ensuring the right to walk and opportunity to enjoy is supported and encouraged for everyone across the world. Working with communities, agencies, governments and people from all walks of life, Walk21 contributes to the policy debate, develops and share tools and resources and promotes the value of walking for all. And this is a special anniversary year for the Walk21 conference – being the 21st anniversary of its founding in London in 2000. Since then it has been hosted in different cities around the world, advancing the international profile of walking, supporting local legacies and celebrating the great work of speakers and delegates from around the world. From London to Sydney, New York to Hong Kong, Bogota and Vancouver, great cities have made their communities better for walking and hosted the conference. This year, Seoul is added to that list.

Seoul, as a global city connected by technology, still promotes its original values to ensure a high quality of life for its 10 million citizens. The City of Seoul has ambitious plans to further improve that quality of life for its citizens. By 2030 it is hoped that car trips and commuter travel time will be cut by a third, green space increased by 30%, and sustainable modes are the first choice for 80% of trips.

Therein Seoul provides a practical model relevant to any city that also wants to be cleaner, safer and more sustainable in the future by walking today for a better tomorrow.

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