5 - 9 Jul, 2022

Walking Arts and Relational Geographies – Walking Arts Encounters in Catalonia

Walking Art and Relational Geographies. International Encounters Girona-Olot-Vic, Catalonia Spain July 5-9, 2022. Continuing online till October.

International Encounters Girona-Olot-Vic,  Catalonia Spain July 5-9,  2022

The international meeting “Walking Art and Relational Geographies” aims to set a dialogue between theory and practice in which walking becomes an instrument of territorial connection, a mapping tool and a format of creative expression. A meeting point for debate, experience and reflection, ” Walking Art and Relational Geographies” will focus mainly on the analysis of the increasingly mediated relationship between people and geographies.

The Encounters are  conceived together as simultaneously an academic conference and an artistic event;  in the format of an itinerant meeting between the cities of Girona, Olot and Vic, with a symbolically explicit transversal component.

The meeting also has, like the previous encounters organized in Greece and Portugal, both academic and artistic axes.  Academically it is conference developed with lectures and presentations. Artistically, actions, workshops and performances intersect the talks and walks. This allows an interdisciplinary dialogue that helps to break down academic and artistic paradigms and to free up initiatives for a two-way communicative and fertilizing approach.

We also include the format of audio papers and audio walks for remote participation, along with a number of global walk · listen · café’s between June and September in the framework of Sound Walk September.

Website and program: https://www.artdelcaminar.org/

walk · listen · create schedules biweekly walk · listen · café’s – online meetups between June and September, including during Sound Walk September 2022, complementing the on location program of the International Encounters.

walk · listen · create hosts well a series of remote audio papers and audio walks (downloadable or streamed) on this event page and available from July 4th on.


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