Walking as a Question : towards the walking arts encounters/conference in Prespa, July 2021


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2021-03-17 18:00
18:00 UTC

Introduction and presentation for all interested in local or on distance participation to the Walking Arts Encounters / Conference in Prespa 2021.

Walking Processes in Prespa: 2019 and 2021

On Wednesday, March 17, 2021, at 20:00, there will be an online announcement and presentation of the International Encounters / Conference Walking as a Question that will take place this summer in Prespa (Sunday 4 to Sunday 11 July 2021), followed by a discussion with the audience.

This year’s event is a continuation of the International Encounters / Conferences with the topic Walking Practices / Walking Art / Walking Bodies that brought 200 walking practitioners from all over the world together in Pespa in the summer of 2019.

During the next International Encounters / Conferences, and if health and safety conditions allow, artists will visit the area again and scholars from Greece and abroad will present their research based on an Open Call. Simultaneously, an online network of international and collaborating bodies (hubs) will be developed to interact with what is being done in Prespes, and vice-versa.

At the online event of Wednesday, March 17, 2021, members of the International Committee of the Encounters / Conference, composed of high profile global experts in the field of walking arts, and the collaborating bodies will look into the events of 2019 and 2021. They will present the publication that documents the Encounters / Conference 2019, and introduce the walking action Thes-Press. Both were realized in collaboration with the kind support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and Poliprespa (a multi-participatory initiative for sustainable regional development.)

The presentation will last approximately two hours (including a discussion with the public following the first hour.) This exchange will take place on Zoom, the link for which will be communicated to the registrants a few days before the event.

Start time 20:00 EET

Welcome by Niarchos Foundation
Presentation of the Encounters / Conference 2019 : Yannis Ziogas, Geert Vermeire
Poliprespa and Thess-Pres: Models for Walking Educational Action : Xenia Athanasiadou, Marianna Vlassi
Walking as a Question : Radhika Subramaniam
Prespa as a Topos of Encounters : Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio
The Research and Theory of Walking Today : Julie Poitras-Santos
Walking Hubs: How Walking Can Connect Prespes and Other Parts of the World reciprocally : Lydia Matthews
Walking in the Greek Art Context : Faye Tzanetoulakou
walk · listen · create, the home of walking artists and artist walkers : Babak Fakhamzadeh, Andrew Stuck
Presentation of the Encounters / Conference 2021 : Yannis Ziogas, Geert Vermeire
Followed by a discussion

The presentations will last each 5-10 minutes each and will be in Greek and in English.

Registration free via e-mail: [email protected]

Geert Vermeire

Geert Vermeire is a curator, poet and an interdisciplinary artist, living and working between Brazil, Greece and Belgium. As collaborator and team member of escoitar.org, noTours.org and CGeomap.eu, and co-coordinator of the global community event Sound Wa...

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