Walking Cinema Workshop

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Walking Cinema Workshop is an online event that combines together a pre-recorded lecture, an active walk and a live discussion, which will occur on the Slow Film Festival website on Saturday 31st October at 10:30am.

The workshop explores the elusive relationship between walking and cinema, asking whether cinema has the capacity to recreate, simulate or capture the meditative experience of walking. The event will begin with a short lecture by film lecturer Emre Çağlayan, after which all participants will be encouraged to wander out in their local neighbourhood. The lecture will feature a walk through Mayfield and include clips of prominent walking scenes from the works of Albert Serra, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Béla Tarr and Chantal Akerman. At 11:30am, we will reconvene in a Zoom session and discuss the similarities and differences between watching cinematic walks and active walking.

We would love to see images and videos of your own walks during the film festival, please tag @slowfilmfestival on social media and use hashtags #sff2020 #walkingcinema and we look forward seeing you and hearing your thoughts in the final part of the workshop.

Date 31/10/2020
Time ICS/ICAL · gcal 10:30 UTC
10:30 UTC
Website URL
Online This event is online

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