Walking, Drawing and Embodied Cartography: Petörke Lake, Hungary

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2021-09-23 18:00
18:00 UTC
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Fay Stevens: “During an artist residency held in Hungary 2015, I walked repeatedly around the circumference of a lake, taking with me kinetic drawing machines to inscribe the corporeality of my journeys. On the final day, I invited my fellow artists to join me for a collective walking performance, passing to them kinetic drawing machines I had made so that they too could inscribe their own bodily cartography as we walked together in pilgrimage around the shoreline. It was on this final journey that I also physically drew a continuous line around the lake where water met land, inscribing the ground with a large piece of graphite.”

In this café Fay will talk briefly about the walk and of her thinking and practice around it. She will then open up the discussion on walking within the themes of kinetic drawing, embodied cartography, fractals, and on walking in circles.

The residency was funded by a synergy between the twinned cities of Bath (UK) and Kaposvár (Hungary) and a collaboration between Kaposvár Arts, Bath and Kaposvár Twinning Association and Bath Artsits’ Studios.
For Fay, the residency marked the beginning of a wonderful friendship and ongoing collaboration with dear friends and colleagues in Hungary.

Fay Stevens

I am an archeologist (UCL) and award-winning lecturer and researcher and have worked in archeological projects in Armenia, Europe and the UK and travelled extensively on academic research including Syria, Jordan, USA and Japan. I specialize in the philosop...


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