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2021-07-05 08:00
08:00 UTC
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As part of the ecological system that is nature, we are supposed to let our consciousness wander to both the exterior and interior of our mind, receive certain things from nature, and give others back to her. What is it that we can sense and learn through these attempts to communicate with the various forms of the “otherness” that nature takes on?

Our methods for working archives such as photographing, drawing collages, and notes have been central to KIU’s research and practice which can be visible in the ongoing work “Walking Journal” (https://is.gd/8C0JEt), a constellation of findings and thoughts about the practice of “archiving the now”. Walking, includes being present within a travel distance (between inner mind and outer landscape, humans and non-human, an art practitioner and community), does not mean losing speed and slowing down, but diminishing the distance between what seems to be far away and unknown because of human’s privileged gaze onto nature.

The “Walking Journal”, as a proposal for the conference, will be structured with (1) a walkshop with a max of 10 participants, and (2) the archive-making and reflection by KIU collective and the participants on the online platform Hotglue. The aim is to have the participants contribute to what it means to walk together and to create an online archive with their subjectivities.

– The estimated duration of the collective walking will be 3 hrs, suggested from 11 am to 2 pm. (walking exercise + group reflection)
– The estimated duration of the introduction and walking exercise will be 1.5 hours.
– The group reflection will be 1.5 hours. Participants will upload their material via electronic devices.

The duo will invite people to contribute with a set of exercises such as collages, drawings, poems, images, body-in-space recordings and on-site material to archive the seemingly invisible movements and interactions of different elements that constitute the ecology of Prespa area.

KIU collettive

KIU collettive

In Cantonese, the sound KIU refers to "a bridge / to bridge" (橋). KIU collective is an artist duo founded by the artists Filippo G. Iannone (b.1994. Italy) and Sinwah Lai (b. 1991. Hong Kong). They both hold an MA in Fine Arts & Design at HKU uni...

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