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Walking projects as creation hubs in Europe

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Ivana Pinna and Thomas Keis will talk about the HUB SARDINIA – Caminu a Su Connottu* and the manifesto Ynode.

“Based on the assumption that walking is an activity that connects the human being with the territory, in July 2021, in Nurri, a rural area in the center of Sardinia, indicated suitable for the storage of a radioactive waste deposit, it took place several activities focused on the practise of walking. The initiative investigated how walking could highlight or intervene in political, personal, social, economic and ecological issues. The intention was to treat a moment of awareness towards environmental problems, reconnecting with the landscape, the culture of that territory, by finding a link with the past.”

Thomas Keis (Germany), based in Barcelona. Multidisciplinary artist. His work involves photography, conceptual works, installations and landscape art and could cross the border between art and design with the creation of objects and other forms of artistic expressions. Co-founder of IVYnode, which organises cultural projects mainly in small rural communities.

Ivana Pinna (Sardinia), based in Barcelona. Multidisciplinary artist. Her artistic practice and research has been influenced by her academic studies in Political Sciences, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Digital Industry. She is interested in communities, environment, relational art. Catalyst at IVYnode, responsible for the organisation of the Artist in Residence program and curatorial projects.

In cooperation with:
+ University of Vic, Co-organisators Oficina de Gestió Cultural UVic-UCC
+ Departament de Didàctica de les Arts i les Ciències de la Facultat d’Educació, Traducció, Esport i Psicologia (FETEP) de la UVic-UCC
+ Contemporary Art Center AcVic
+ Casino of Vic

*The HUB Sardinia – Caminu a Su Connottu was part of the WAC 2021 International Encounters / Conference WALKING AS A QUESTION, organized by the Department of Fine and Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia in Greece.





Ivana Pinna

Ivana Pinna

(Spain / Italy) 
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Walking Art and Relational Geographies

5 - 9 Jul, 2022 · 45 items

2022-07-08 08:15
2022-07-08 08:15

Carrer de la Sagrada Família, 7, Vic, Spain

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Means of transport by foot; or portable device exploited to encourage walking.

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