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Walking with Poetry

Four 40 minute circular walks from Edinburgh’s Summerhall, & site-specific performance, for Push the Boat Out poetry festival, taking in the Meadows and other local landmarks.
At various stops on the walk poems from the Poetry Mile app, commissioned by the Festival last year from leading Scottish poets, will be read, and participants invited to experience the point of view, other senses, time, season & space as represented in them, as they embody the walk
Each walk will create a unique route that links the selected texts, and the particpants, route and weather & other conditions,

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2022-11-04 15:00
2022-11-04 15:00

Hosted by: Push the Boat Out Poetry Festival
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


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If you sleepwalk, or just like to stroll about after dark, you have a tendency to noctambulate, or walk around at night. Credits to Mark Peters.

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