24 hrs of biodiversity in Adelaide’s south eastern parklands


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Adelaide SA, Australia

Walking piece details

Duration60 minutes
Cost Free

Recorded over Dec. 2022 and Jan. 2023, during the peak of the Australian summer. The city’s wetlands precinct was created to help avert floods and manage stormwater drainage. Together with ongoing bush regeneration efforts in park 17, the surrounds are now developing as a new biodiversity centre within the city.

For those unfamiliar with Adelaide the capital city of South Australia it is laid out on a grid, a city square surrounded by a square mile of parklands.

This tour guides visitors on a leisurely walk through the green belt area of parks 16 and 17.

At an average pace the total walk route should take roughly one hour, but it can also be experienced in discrete sections.


Presentation, script, sound recording, production and editing: Bronwin Patrickson
Photography (and co-presenter) Matt Zonca

Near Adelaide SA, Australia

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