A Meeting Place | 会议地点

Walking piece details


This soundwalk aims to sonically animate the content of the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art’s archive, bringing to life the hidden histories and images within and inviting new audiences and communities to engage with these stories. The work is based on oral histories from the archive, in which interviewees talk of their migrant experience, their identities as people of Chinese heritage living in the UK, memories of Manchester’s Chinatown and Chinese festivals, and our first venue on Charlotte Street.

Listeners can uncover these stories, alongside field recordings and composed music, whilst exploring the streets of Chinatown with geolocated sounds and interview clips triggered by their GPS data. The audio for this work has been mixed in 360-degree binaural audio, creating the sensation that different sounds are being emitted from all directions around the listeners head and providing a fully immersive experience.

The soundwalk is available through the ECHOES (https://echoes.xyz/). Each listener will need a smartphone and headphones to access.

Hayley Suviste

Hayley Suviste

Hayley Suviste is a sound artist and composer based in Manchester (UK). Working across field recording, archival sound, electronic hardware, and live instrumentation, Hayley uses her music to explore community and culture. Her work draws on first-hand oral...

Near Chinatown, Manchester, UK

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