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A Trip to the Sea by Red Herring Productions

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A Trip to the Sea by Red Herring Productions

A Trip to the Sea is a 7 minute audio experience, a walking journey down to the sea’s edge.

The soundscape was created by Ed Jobling (sound artist) and Red Herring Productions, it can be experienced in two forms.

1) The Audio Experience

You’ll be projected into an open landscape, where the skylarks are busy and the wind is up.
Follow the footsteps as they take you along the edge of a beach, down towards the sea and your dreams.

Find a comfy chair, an eye mask and a pair of headphones and click on the link below to listen.

2) The Touch Tour

If you enjoyed the audio experience, you may wish to offer a more immersive experience to a friend or family member. Our touch tour follows the audio. The listener is invited to investigate a range of found objects and textures, the effect is meditative and calming, unless the guide wishes to be a bit more mischievous!

Th touch tour is also an engaging activity for children aged 7-12 and has proven very popular for people with learning difficulties and is stimulating for people experiencing dementia.

Follow the How to Video and How to Guide which describes the touch tour that we have developed. If you are able to get hold of the items that we suggest then you can follow the video quite closely. If you can’t then you can use your imagination and improvise – you’ll probably make some fun or curious discoveries! Visit for details.

For further information please contact [email protected]

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