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We wish to acknowledge the sovereign peoples of the lands in which we meet and in doing so, honour all Elders, past, present and emerging. We also acknowledge all creatures, human and non-human who inhabit the lands and waters where we live. Sovereignty never ceded -always was, Always will be…

Arboretum is a forest – a forest of trees – imaginary or real – breathing leaves – whispering breath – join the forest – add your tree – as we weave our trees throughout the world – here in the wisdom of murmuring leaves as we receive the solidarity of the forest.

Arboretum members: Anne Versailles, Elspeth ’Billie’ Penfold, Fay Stevens, Hira Sheikh, Joan Kelly, Tracey Benson

Tracey Benson

Tracey M Benson is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher based in Canberra, Australia. In 2019 she founded Treecreate, a social enterprise focused on creative action around regeneration, reforestation and eco-awareness. With an interest in ubiquitous ...

Anne Versailles

Originaly trained as a bio-eco-geographer, Anne Versailles is today a walker, geopoet and sound artist. In her backpack, there are always maps, a notebook, her microphones and a camera. She walks, crosses territories, gleaning words, images and sounds from...

Elspeth Penfold

SWS Award winner

Elspeth (Billie) Penfold (MRBS FRSA) is a textile artist who combines walking, weaving and performative storytelling. Billie uses hapticity and psychogeography to explore narratives. She hand spins ropes which are knotted by participants as part of perform...

Fay Stevens

I am an archeologist (UCL) and award-winning lecturer and researcher and have worked in archeological projects in Armenia, Europe and the UK and travelled extensively on academic research including Syria, Jordan, USA and Japan. I specialize in the philosop...

Joan Kelly

Joan Kelly

Joan Kelly originally trained as a sound engineer and artist who created environmentally based sound installations. She transferred these skills into working on sound teams for film and TV while completing an MA Media Arts, before moving across to a museum...

Hira Sheikh

Hira Sheikh

Hira is a Ph.D. Candidate with the Urban Informatics Research Group at the QUT Design Lab and QUT Digital Media Research Centre. She is an architect and an urban design theorist by background. Her research focuses on more-than-human smart urban governance....

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#Port Exhibition

Art Walk Porty

1 - 11 Sep, 2022

189 Portobello High Street, Portobello, Edinburgh, UK

The Port exhibition is on at the Art Walk Hub all week and a walk next Sunday September 11th.

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From Arcadia to Arcades

The Margate Bookie and Margate NOW2020

2021-09-26 12:30

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Elspeth Penfold
Elspeth Penfold 2020-03-28 07:21:00

28 Mar, 2020

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Water connections Prespa

2022-09-20 17:30


We invite you to explore Prespa, a national park and lake at the border of Greece, Albania and North Macedonia, and a venue of art practice for almost two decades. Art and science, biology and ecology meet in an evening with two panels about Prespa, water and arts, in a dialogue with artists, researchers, scientists and ecologists, a confluence of the Prespa lake with Oika in the US, the El Hondo Wetland in Spain, the wet meadows of Somerset Levels and the waters of Yarun (Bribie Island) in Australia.

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A Refracted View – Which Way?


2021-09-04 10:00


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Reclaiming the Narrative: a Rewriting of the Census through Quipus

POW Thanet

4 - 6 Mar, 2022

Turner Contemporary, Rendezvous, Margate, Kent, UK

Re-writing the Census is an invitation to think through craft. To acknowledge the omissions of present census categories and to include all those who feel ‘othered’ or omitted.

Free for supporting members
walk · listen · café
Psychogeography and disruption

2020-11-10 19:00


Billie Penfold, shortlisted for the SWS20 Awards, will talk about psychogeography and her walking practice, seeking to disrupt, more than to resolve.

Elspeth Penfold
Elspeth Penfold 2020-05-15 07:10:00

15 May, 2020

Walking Event
Why a Salt Marsh?

Wild about Whitstable

2022-08-08 09:00

A poetic walk with magical thinking, searching for healing through the hagstones. Led by the Bolivian artist Elspeth-Billie-Penfold

Walking Event SWS22
#Port at Art Walk Porty

Art Walk Porty

2022-09-11 09:00

Portobello Promenade View, Edinburgh EH15 2LX, UK

Ftom Joppa to Seafield. Five points along the walk link out to the five locations of PORT, prompting discussions around place, belonging, the value of water, and our relationship with the natural environment.

Walking Piece SWS20
A Different LENS

The Margate Bookie and Margate NOW2020 delivered through

Kent, UK

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime
Wild and Windy at Ginninderry

7 Nov, 2022